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Roiseux Emile


Catherine Ryckaert




After working in a "renseignement" organization, Mr Roiseux began in October 1943 to work in evasion. He lodged two Allied evaders and then guided convoys of evaders from Brussels to the French frontier. During that period he got a lot of help from his wife Catherine Ryckaert. Her task was to receive the airmen and shelter them in her house for varying periods of time.

In January 1944 he was called to a rendez-vous only to discover, when the door was opened, that the Gestapo had set a trap there. By his coolness and swift thinking he persuaded the Germans that he had come to repair the plumbing and by this ruse was able to get away and warn other members of the organization. 

Early in 1944 he was sent to set up one of the camps in the Ardennes where evaders were to be concentrated to await the liberation. He established his camp at Porcheresse (la baraque de chasse de Daverdisse) and there he cared for 23 Allied evaders. 13 Of them stayed until the arrival of the Allied troops. He did all the work of organizing the provisions, welfare and security of the camp. His co-operators at Porcheresse were Albert Louis (forester), Béatrice Davreux, Léona Lecuit, Jacques Bresmal, Emile and Joseph Hernandez.


For his meritorious efforts he received the US medal of Freedom with Bronze Palm. His wife was awarded the 'Eisenhower Brevet' for her services to the Allied cause.






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