Frédéric De Jongh (Paul)


Frédéric De Jongh


Monsieur De Jongh was one of the original members of the Comète-line, which his daughter, Mlle De Jongh, had founded. In August 1941 he took charge of the line in Brussels and was responsible for organising the collection of evaders, their lodging and dispatch to the French frontier where they were collected by his daughter and taken to Spain.


In February 1942 the Gestapo were on his tracks and he was obliged to go into hiding, but in spite of this he insisted on continuing his work exposing himself to constant and repeated danger. During these early and difficult days in the history of the line Mr De Jongh was entirely responsible for the success of the Brussels end of the line. In April 1942 it became impossible for him to remain in Brussels and he went to Paris. 


In Paris he started to organise on the same lines as in Brussels and worked in close contact with his daughter. He gradually brought into existence the Paris end of "Comète". Mlle De Jongh was arrested on 15 January 1943 and it became urgently imperative that Mr de Jongh should leave the country. But he insisted on remaining at his post. 


He was arrested on June 7th 1943 and was shot on March 28th 1944. Mr De Jongh stands out in the annals of Evasion as one of the most courageous and devoted patriots.




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